Pure Raw Organic and Natural Honey

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One of age-old alternative natural medicine ingredients that you use to ease, aid and yes, possibly cure so many ailments, diseases and health problems is honey. There are so many unaccounted for uses of this wonderful food that nature has … Continue reading

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Organic Black Rice Coffee

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It’s here and it is now available – the healing “black rice” coffee and you can now but this new Healing Galing product in authorized outlets, stores and distributors all over the Philippines as supplied by the office. Alternately, you … Continue reading

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Omega 3 Pill – Fish Oil

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For many years now, it has not been proven scientifically that omega 3 which we otherwise call as fish oil packed in a goodness of a clear / transparent capsule most of the time that it does heal or prevent … Continue reading

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Tawa Tawa Tonic

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Common Name: Tawa Tawa Local Tagalog Name: Gatas-Gatas Scientific Name: Euphorbia Hirta We all heard about the amazing wonders of the Tawa tawa plant when the juice is extracted and made into a concoction of health and hemoglobin enhancing drink. … Continue reading

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Rhizome Pills

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One of the most interesting products of Healing Galing by Dr. Edinell Calvario (w/ Nestor Amistad Tan) is the rhizome pills. It helps in many ranges of ailments and health problems but what’s good about this pill is that it … Continue reading

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